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Mingori Srl, even if connected to its origins in the real estate industry through the passed realisation of major residential complexes of great prestige, both for third parties and for its own account, decided to expand its reach in the industrial, commercial building and in public contract sector, thanks to the important results achieved by the historic trade mark from which it originated.

Sede Mingori Engineering & Building
Sede Mingori Engineering & Building

It recently participated in public tenders with the criterion of enhancement and integrated design propositions, which allows it to express, in propositional terms, the design quality and typical execution of private interventions.

Mingori Srl is also nominated as a partner to provide competent and professional consultations and designs for the entire construction industry, strong matrix from which it originated, and of the consequent important wealth of experience gained.

Mingori Srl is active throughout the country, even with the construction of new concept shopping and business centres, able to integrate the large and small spaces in a targeted manner.

It has also solidly and financially structured to deal with new experiences on foreign markets, especially in Morocco, in order to expand its reach and to strengthen its position in the construction industry.

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