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Company Profile

Mingori Srl was founded from the acquisition of Mingori Costruzioni SpA business branch, when the national construction industry underwent constant evolution, which requires the enterprises courageous choices and maximum flexibility, in order to remain faithful, even to their historical roots, but, simultaneously, adapting itself to the changing market demands.
With this goal, Mingori Srl intends to strengthen its presence in private and public contracts, without giving up on a non-superficial presence in real estate, to continue to guarantee, to the loyal clientele of Mingori Costruzioni SpA, a constant presence at its service.

Mingori Srl supports the realisation of works under contract, also the consulting and design activities for the entire construction industry, strong matrix from which it originated, and since 1895 the consequent important wealth of experience gained through five generations of builders.

The company's headquarters is the historic Via Provesi 3 A, as well as unchanged is the technical and administrative personnel.

Sede Mingori Engineering & Building
Sede Mingori Engineering & Building

Mingori Srl, as the Sole Director, is managed by Riccardo Mingori, while Corrado Mingori maintains the safety delegation.

He also makes use of the following consultation, already to a large extent operating in Mingori Costruzioni SpA by:

Villa & Partners Law Firm (Parma - Milan)
Tax Consultancy - Administrative: Studio AGFM - Alinovi - Guion - Ferrari - Mattioli (Parma - Milan)
Financial Consultancy: Mr. Marco Bigliardi (Parma)

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