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A direct line with Mingori Srl. If you would like to ask questions, to propose initiatives or works under contract, if you need further explanation, please contact us! Fill out the form with your personal data, write your message and send it. The company's personnel will be happy to answer you as soon as possible.

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In regards to the policy indicated in law decree no. 196/2003, I/we consent to the processing of my/our personal data by your company for the purposes linked to business activities. In no case will the your personal data be transferred to others for uses other than those linked to Mingori Srl. I/we also consent to the use of my/our personal data can be processed electronically and/or automated suitable for linking the data itself with those of others, according to qualitative, quantitative and time criteria, which are recurring or definable each time. I/we also consent to the processing of my/our personal data by companies, entities or consortiums that provide us specific processing services that is they carry out activities functional to those of your company, and also to parties whose right to access my/our personal data is recognised by provisions of law or secondary or EC regulations.